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If you want to change your class, you have to write request as ticket on our website
Account->Ticket Support->Open Ticket

but first, these conditions must be met.

Conditions for changing class:
1) You need to have sufficient number of platina coins according to the table

2) Your class have to be full naked, without any items from set. (You can have items in your inventory)
3) Your class have to be offline


SAMPLE TICKET (the request must look exactly like this!)

Subject: Class change
Account: Odin
Character: Odinnn
Class Change: From BK to ELF
Type Change: Class change without loosing resets (among 101 - 200 resets)

If you meet these conditions, you can post a ticket and your request will be processed as soon as possible.

Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: EXILES
Castle Lord: ProgresivE
Money: 0
Tax Hunt Zone: 0
Next battle: 18:00 - 20:00, 26/01/2020


Status: Protected

Top Voters

! Reset Every Month

Monthly rewards will be given to the Top 5 Voters. 1st: 500, 2nd: 450, 3rd: 400, 4th: 350, 5th: 300 [Gold Coins]