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Grand Opening NoReset - 14.6.2019

Basic Information:
Season 14 Episode 2
General Drop: 30%
Regular  Experience: 10x
Master Experience: 20x
Majestic Experience: 30x
Max Character Level: 1100
Start Elf Soldier Level: 220
Required level for creation of (DW, DK, ELF, SUM, RW) : 1
Required level for creation of (MG, DL, RF, GL) : 50

Party System:
Regular  Party: 2 Players 80%, 3 Players 90%, 4 Players 100%, 5 Players 110%
Set Party: 2 Players 90%, 3 Players 100%, 4 Players 110%, 5 Players 120%

Opening Time:
Friday 14.6.2019
(UTC+2, 17:00 Poland)
(UTC+8, 23:00 Philipines)
(UTC -3, 12:00 Argentina)
Or check our count-down timer on top of website!

Monster Spots (available on minimap) in all maps

Mini Bosses: Ice Quen, Gorgon, Balrog, Hydra, Zaikan – 4 hours
Golden Invasion: every 4 hours
Bosses: Kundun, Medusa, Selupan, Nightmare, Erohim, Silvester, Core Magrifi,
Lord of Ferea, Nix, God of Darkness – 4 hours respawn

MUUN Invasion
Dragon  Invasion
New Year Invasion
Big Dragon  Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Golden Goblin Invasion
Evolution Monster Invasion


Blood Castle, Devil Square - Double Exp
Chaos Castle, DoppelGanger
Last Man Standing
Scramble Words
Happy Hour event - every day
Illusion Temple – every day
Imperial Guardian – every day
Loren Deep – every day
Batle Core events system
Castle Siege - every Sunday
Arca War - every Wednesday
Crywolf Event - every Tuesday, Saturday
Acheron Guardian - every Monday, Thursday
Mini Games (MU Rummy, Bomb game, Numeric Baseball, Jewel Bingo)

Socket + Excellent: Disabled
Ancient + Excellent: Disabled
Ancient + Harmony: Enabled
Items 380 + Excellent + Harmony: Enabled

Improve Item Chance:
Soul Success Rate with luck: 90%
Soul Success Rate without luck: 70%
Life Success Rate: 70% (+16 option Max)

No Items Shop only XShop with reduced seals and exp buffs!
Off-Trade only in Lorencia, Devias
Reconnect System, Off-Attack, Auto Party

Useful Links:
WEB: www.asgardmu.net
FORUM: www.asgardforum.net
FB: www.facebook.com/asgardmuserver
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/9G7ZTdh

Posted12 / 06 / 2019 Byy odin
Currently this is only one server.