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Server Rules

1) Basic information
- By registering, a player committed to respect the rules of the game and the laws of the country.
- To change server rules, players will be notified in advance.
- Accepted number of acc: 3
- Allowed language for / post: English.

2) Server administration:
- It is made by Administrator, Game Master, Moderator and others ...
- Its members in the game are members of the ADMINS guild and their character is marked with a GM symbol.
- They will never ask you for access data. They can learn to find out for themselves.
- Never distribute / sell / exchange objects in the game. The exception is the reward for a variety of events.
- It is forbidden to create characters, guilds that copy the names of Administrator's servers, or to issue them.

3) Donate:
- The player has the right to contribute financially to the Donate service.
- Receives Platinium Coins as a reward for this award
- A player who contributed financially to the Donate service does not have any further advantages over other players.
- This contribution is voluntary and NO possibility of reimbursing this amount, or part of it.

4) Player Rights and Responsibilities:
- The player has the right to express his / her views unless they are inconsistent with server rules or country legislation.
- The player is required to secure these accounts sufficiently to prevent their misuse.
- The player is responsible for the action on his account.
- The player is obliged to respect the decision of the members of the administration.
- The player has the right to request a review meeting of members of the administration.
- The server is PvP (Player versus Player), meaning killing players is allowed.
- An exception is long / repeated killing by the player, thereby disturbing the comfort of other players' games

5) It is forbidden:
- It is forbidden to use third-party programs that can favor a player or load a server (Cheating).
- It is forbidden to misuse the bugs in the game and to disseminate information about them (Bug)
- It is forbidden any illegal action by the player to favor his / her character / game account. (Steal the players at the trade, etc.)
- It is forbidden to impersonate members of the administration, and "act" on their name.
- It is forbidden to distribute false information about servers, administration, or server players.
- It is forbidden any form of spam, cursing and other forms of expression in breach of the principles of etiquette.
- It is forbidden to advertise on other game servers, whether in Chate, names of characters, etc.
- It is forbidden to trade with accounts, items outside the AsgardMU server
- It is forbidden to trade accounts, real money items.
- It is forbidden to use /offlevel in killing Golden Invasion and Boss. The penalty is BAN. The proof is the screenshot and the Admin team's check.

6) Violation of rules / Penalties:
- The violation of the rules will be punished by the severity of the offense.
- Length and form of punishment are determined by the Administration of the server.
- A player who contributed financially within the Donate service does not have any benefit or claim in this regard, either the refund of the game currency or the financial amount.
Currently this is only one server.